Hotel Locks

All our electronic locks for hotels are Card locks. Our hotel locks are mortise locks, which means, they are installed directly on the door. We have locks for old style door locks to suit your old doors.
Guest cards are issued at the time of check in and shall be able to open Guest room entrance door for the period specified on the computer. Guest check outs are than on the computer and all check in and checkout records are stored on the frontdesk computer.
We have different lock types ranging from Gold, Grey pearl, Brass, chrome and silver plated to meet our diverse client needs.

RF Encoder/Card Reader

Our RF Encoder reads and writes data on guest cards. Every Hotel needs one RF encoder to read and write guest information onto guest cards.

Card/Keypad Locks

Card/Keypad can be accessed via a key card or a set password. Get on board today and boost up your security with this type of lock system.

Keypad/Fingerprint Locks

Ignore the hassle of carrying manual keys or key cards with Keypad/Fingerprint locks. As the name suggests, this lock system is accessible via a set password or a captured fingerprint.

Access Control Device

Access Control Devices are Slave Readers that captures details from a user and transmits to a Centralized Server via wired connection.

Time Attendance Device

Time Attendance Devices captures the exact time a user clocks in and stores the data on its primary storage or transfer it to a centralized server.

Energy Saving Switch

Our energy savings switches are installed in hotel Guest rooms to provide power when Guest card is slotted into it. When the Guest leaves the room with His card the power to the room goes off 15seconds later. This ensures that high consuming devices such as air conditioners are not left on when there is no one in Guest room.

Guest Cards

Guest cards are used in place of old fashioned manual keys. A Guest card provides Hotel Guest access to specified Guest room and provides power to electric gargets in the room. A guest card can only provide access to Guest room for the period specified at the time of Guest check in. If Hotel Guest decides to stay beyond the agreed period at the time of check in, then Guest duration must be extended on the front desk computer using the Guest’s card.

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