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Best Inventory and Sales Management Software - VPOS

We always make sales but at the end of the day, when we are even out of stock we wonder where all the profits went! VPOS is designed with you in mind, to help you track profits, sales and expenditure. Get to know your total products and its equivalent value anytime across all shops. Manage all your shop branches and suppliers wherever you are.

Get access to all-inclusive business intelligence statistics 😍

Connect you business with VPOS and instantly see how much sales you've made, how much of the sales are profits, how much money you've spent on expenditures, expiring product notifications, items going out of stock alerts, and much more. All of these seen at a glance. No more hustling!

Connect Your Business
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All at one place

Retail accounting, product expiration alerts, expenses, inventory, customer management, supplier management, customer credits and arrears, sales personnel management, multiple shops management, E-commerce, discount sales, sales and product returns, etc.

Quick business overview

You can quickly get inventory, sales and expenses reports with quick business revenue detection. The integrated log system helps you track all users activities - nothing goes oversight, sales and profit made day by day and month by month.

Reach out to more customers

Customers are waiting for your products! With our Free VPOS Market mobile app made for your customers, you have the lessury of reaching out to more customers who are in need of your business miles away.

A quick analytics and a modern business dashboard

A system that automatically gives you sales and inventory analytics to assist you make good business decisions to increase productivity and revenue.

  • Perfect for any sized business
  • Ready for your business expansion.
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Irrespective of the device you use

VPOS is resposive ready. Be it desktop/laptop, mobile phone, or tablet you can make and track sales anywhere with any device anyday.

  • Easy access
  • Designed for every device
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VPOS Market mobile app.

With our Free VPOS Market mobile app seamlessly integrated into VPOS, you easily receive orders and extend your services to your customers miles away. You don't lose a customer!


  • Instantly receive orders
  • 24/7/365 free support and training
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SSL/TLS Encryption

With VPOS, your business' data is always safe and secure. Because we apply the most stringent, best-of-breed security procedures to make your data available to you – and you alone – our clients trust us.

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Life chat and customer support 24/7/365

Your success is our concern, so our customer support team is available 24/7/365 to support you. Be it WhatsApp or phone call, we provide innovative, quality, excellent and friendly support geared towards your business success.

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Re-imagine your business. Reaching out to a whole new set of customers, increasing revenue and getting more out of your business.

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Business sales reports generation.


Sales receipts printing.


Products expiration alerts.

Key features
VPOS is an all-in-one premium POS system designed and developed for any sized business looking to increase revenue.
Shop Inventory Management

Products expiration alerts

Customer Management

Multiple shops management

E-commerce & online order processing with free VPOS Market mobile app.

Retail Accounting

Sales personnel management

Expenses management

World Class Business Analytics

Plans and Pricing

All key features bundled into one simple price. No calculator needed! Support as many sales agents as you like! The price will never change.

Pro License
Ghc 100/Month
  • 3 Shop branches
  • Unlimitted Users
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • Free VPOS Market mobile app
  • Life time free training
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Enterprise License
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  • All Pro License features
  • Unlimited shop branches
  • Customized functionalities
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